Reincarnation and Astrology

I believe in reincarnation, not because of remembering any past lives, for I don’t remember any but just because it feels right to me. I don’t really talk about it often, or think about it, except maybe sometimes in conversations with my sisters or with my father over the phone or when I come across it being talked about here. This thinking about it today led me to this article,

it was fun to see about the ones whose signs I know, some were right some not so right, but I think those that did not seem so right maybe just need a more personal charting of their birth time. When I looked up my mothers though her sign of the Scorpio describes her perfectly :) and I am so glad she let me know that she believed in reincarnation as well.

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 through Nov. 21) This may not be your first life as a Scorpio. This sign can take awhile to master, and you may return a few times at roughly the same degree of the sun in order to thoroughly explore the depths of soul that can be plumbed from this source. Scorpios follow their own intuition in the mysteries of life. You may feel you remember having lived before. Many Scorpios are drawn to study reincarnation, not for the parlor game aspect of it (you are very skeptical of “seers” who are paid to tell you that you are Napoleon returned) – what interests you is how this birth and death thing is done. How does the YOU of YOU get from one plane of existence (and consciousness) to another?

In the past, you were privy to profound moments. You may have inherited a position in religious life (these jobs used to run families in the middle ages), from which you observed acts of true faith that touched you deeply. Or you may have had a soul stretching experience near the time of your death in the past, and the powerful knowledge that it continues to influence you, no matter how “ordinary” a life you may choose now.

Scorpio arrives with legacy of having once acquired extraordinary discipline. Perhaps you were a samurai, or member of such group that combined extreme physical conditioning with philosophical training. You have mastered as no other sign the principles of mind over matter. Though you were ambitious for earthly power and possessions, you understand that real power emanates from within.

In the New Age, many will need your knowledge that the greatest power is attained through pain, that the freedom of truth is acquired through suffering.

Another link I came across, and what I read about now.

6 thoughts on “Reincarnation and Astrology

  1. It was your post of Randomness and sketches I have drawn of zodiac signs that led me to think of this. I have been reading more about this though and other articles I have come across are very interesting as well.

  2. The key to understanding Scorpio is to understand that Scorpios LOVE intensity. Mostly ‘bad’ intensity, since the way to ‘good’ intensity is unknown. Unaware of this Love of Intensity, many Scorpios become drama addicts.

  3. My mother was a Scorpio in her birth sign, but what I always felt about her was that she was very much at peace within herself. My father says that she kept her own counsel. Not a drama addict to be sure:), so now I wonder of her soul sign:)

  4. Look to the placement of the Moon for the heritage our our Soul. What planet it just passed over symbolizes the most recent ability/power embraced and the sign the moon will pass over next, as the ability/power to be embraced next.

    It is very much a Scorpio’s tendency to keep things hidden. There are usually Trust issues involved.

    It’s interesting to note that a scorpion is the only animal besides Man, that will kill itself. It would rather sting itself to death then face fire. But it is only by leaping into the fire, that they are transformed. Another symbol for Scorpio is the Phoenix, which rises from its own ashes. This pictorially displays the process of ascension.

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