Times when I read things, I come upon something where I like its meaning but I am not quite sure why I like its meaning and I wish to know, so I find myself doing little searches in which it can be explained to me more.

So, in reading this article, http://organictobe.wordpress.com/2007/07/29/otobe-organic-food-news-links-no-fluff-72907/

I liked this reference,

“The country gentleman, who keeps a close watch on his backyard vegetable patch, already had adopted some of the principles of biodynamic, a form of farming in which livestock are treated with homeopathic remedies rather than antibiotics, and astronomical calendars and signs of the zodiac play a role in determining when to sow and harvest crops.”

and my search in understanding it more led me to this article,


in which I liked this meaning somewhat :),

“Humankind has been putting most of its energy for the past ten thousand years into developing mind (Mercury principle) at the expense of intuition (lunar principle). It has been developing reason at the expense of joy. And one way of getting back to the original feeling of joy is to tune into the moon once again. How precisely one does this is irrelevant, so long as one is putting energy into the project and is serious in one’s efforts to live life by the lunar rhythm. The idea is to go wherever there is joy, and to do whatever is joyous. We’re not trying to recapture the feeling of the last few thousand years of hunting just prior to the invention of agriculture, because that period was a bummer. We are not going back to a primeval state of humanity just because it was a primeval state of humanity; but because there was joy there. By living your life according to the moon, you’ll automatically recapture a lot of this joy in your everyday life. You can make what to other people would seem a sterile, boring routine into a fulfilling life of joy, just by tying all your activities to the moon.”


3 thoughts on “

  1. Interesting thoughts! I agree that we must balance reasaon and intuition. We must be true to ourself and understand the price of striving for knowledge all of the time.

  2. I think we must be true to ourselves too. I just question sometimes my intuition and I love coming upon others that think sometimes the way I think sometimes as well :).

  3. I have edited the comment I wrote last night for in re-reading it this morning it was hard even for me to understand what it was I was trying to say and I think I must stop questioning and reading things for a little bit of time now as well :).

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