Two more links..

and more…. recently it seems I am linking a lot :) I think it is because I wish to have things I come across in what I currently read about in one place, this and I have just realized how to show links too, without the need to copy and paste so that they are easier to get too in case others would like to read them as well. I hope too, that in posting these links, that I have not misused them or posted any that I was not supposed to, and if I have then I would not mind being told I did so.

This article..

led me to this..

which led me to this..

4 thoughts on “Two more links..

  1. People are always happy to get their blogs linked. It’s good for us, it’s good for them and it helps us all make connections along with bringing up our blog stats!

    Thanks for the links!

    Sharing what information we have is always good I think.

  2. I think sharing information is always good too RubyShooz :) I had just recently read something about copywriting and was really hoping linking was not considered this.

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