I come across pictures all the time that I find beautiful, some I save because I wish to try and sketch them in my practicing of sketching :). I have never really thought of what draws me to them only that they create such strong feelings of something inside myself when I look at them.

I realized though, after reading an entry from a blog named The Naked Soul,  http://tobeme.wordpress.com/2007/07/11/believing-in-the-invisible why this certain picture might have done so.

I am using a different way of scanning since I needed to reformat my computer and I cannot find all my discs as yet, but I do like how it turned to grey :), and I know it still needs more practice but I do not mind how it is for now.



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  1. Kathy, truthfully I am unsure, I came across it some time ago. It looks to me more like a printed image, like an image on a card or some such, but there must have been an original to do even this, if it is this way. I quickly looked to see if it was saved someother way, with maybe other information but I cannot find anything as yet. I feel like finding out now though too:) and if I do come across anything I will post it here.

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