I have been following links in the tags organic recently and the first one I came across was one that asked if there should be a new definition for organic. I made a reply about what I thought organic meant and I have been thinking about it more since and would like to write what I think organic is here as well. There is a definition that I really like when I think about organic, it is “simple and healthful and close to nature”. I think about the foods of just maybe 50 years ago as organic and I think about the farmers who care enough for our land, by not stressing it and allowing it to to do its natural work and for their animals welfare as organic too. I think of our bodies when I think of organic and I think we must return them to this way, so that we become more intuned. I think of the term organic as caring and trust and I do not think a label or certification can be put on this and if we are able to, we must find it ourselves.

I came across this website too, http://smallfarms.typepad.com/photos/farmers/index.html

from this entry in the tag/organic.


There seems to be such a glow or happiness in the faces.

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