Some charts I have saved that list vitamins and minerals and the food sources for them. There is something I like about charts, maybe it is because I can print them then read them and see what to add to my food intake on a daily basis. I make smoothies twice a day and most times I just throw in a bunch of these vegetables and fruits, blend them and drink them :).

I think what I was looking for, when I came across these charts, was if we were able to get our essential vitamins and nutrients in eating only raw foods, to know for myself and for it to make sense to me. There are a few I am not sure of as yet, vitamin b12 is one so I do still eat wild salmon when I find I crave it.

One thing I found out about our vitamin b12 is that it occurs naturally in the soil and on the surface of unwashed fruits and vegetables, so more reason to try and keep our soil good. I worry about protein too sometimes, so I eat almonds for now until I find out more about it. 

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