From the above article all that I read makes so much sense and are all important reasons to support the ones that are true to organic farming. #9 and #4 especially to me as it is reason enough to help restore our lands to the way they used to be. I hope, if those that are able to buy organic do, that one day this way will become the way of all farming practices again.

9. Promote Biodiversity
Visit an organic farm and you’ll notice something: a buzz of animal, bird and insect activity. These organic oases are thriving, diverse habitats. Native plants, birds and hawks return usually after the first season of organic practices; beneficial insects allow for a greater balance, and indigenous animals find these farms a safe haven. As best said by Aldo Leopold, “A good farm must be one where the native flora and fauna have lost acreage without losing their existence.” An organic farm is the equivalent of reforestation. Industrial farms are the equivalent of clear cutting of native habitat with a focus on high farm yields.

4. Build Healthy Soil
Mono-cropping and chemical fertilizer dependency has taken a toll with a loss of top soil estimated at a cost of $40 billion per year in the U.S., according to David Pimental of Cornell University. Add to this an equally disturbing loss of micro nutrients and minerals in fruits and vegetables. Feeding the soil with organic matter instead of ammonia and other synthetic fertilizers has proven to increase nutrients in produce, with higher levels of vitamins and minerals found in organic food, according to the 2005 study, “Elevating Antioxidant levels in food through organic farming and food processing,” Organic Center State of Science Review (1.05)

For produce, I follow this guide below and I shop at the local farmers market during the spring and summer months when it opens here.

For meat that I make for others at times, I am lucky enough to have farms that follow the standards of long ago practices where the farmer has high standards for his animals welfare and a family run market that cares only to carry these types of products near.

I can no longer look at meat in the grocery stores now without feeling ill, I think of how the animals were raised, how big the wings of chicken look, so full of growth hormones and the stress hormones they must have released during their lives because of the way they were treated and that our bodies must absorb when we eat this meat and I have grown sensitive to the way it smells as it is being cooked.

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