I want to write about raw food and what led me to it so maybe July will be dedicated to this. :). The raw-food way of eating has become very important to me and is so much a part of my life and mind now that I wish to post here why this is so. This idea to write about insights and experiences and especially about this subject came from another blog I have been reading by rubyshooz at http://rubyshooz.wordpress.com

I must talk about cancer a touch first, for this is what began my journey towards it.

My first awareness of cancer was when my grandmother died from this. I was about 14 or 15 and I remember my mother being very sad. We did not talk about it much and to me at the time it was something that happened to people when they got older.

My second experience with cancer was when I was about 21. I was living on my own by then and wanted to go on a trip. I went to the doctors to have my yearly physical, to make sure all was well before traveling and was told they thought I had cancer. So instead of going on the trip I was hospitalized for two weeks while tests were run and at the end of which I was due for a full colostomy. My parents came up to be with me, I know they were really worried but I remember not being so, I remember even then I had this strong sense of fate, that what was to be, was meant to be and I just really wanted to get out of the hospital so I could go on my trip.

The morning of the surgery I was taken in, fully expecting to wake up with this little bag attached to me that I would have to get used to but when I woke up from the anesthetics I was told the surgery was not done, that it was not necessary, that another doctor had been called in at the last minute who said it was not cancer.

My parents said it was the prayers of many of my relatives that were answered, and I do believe this too. I did not go on my trip but one my aunts sent me the tiniest littlest bikini to wear :) and I think I was more excited about this than the fact of not having cancer.

I did not really give cancer much thought after this, or not consciously anyways, but I knew it ran in our family and that I was to continue with yearly checkups.

My next direct experience with cancer was around seven years ago when my mother developed it. I try to remember what I felt when I first heard she had this, I cannot remember, only that I really really wished to hug her.

My mother and my father decided to treat the cancer with chemotherapy, which later led to radiation, and we were all hopeful she would be the one that would become cancer free. I remember thinking during this time of treatment, when the cancer would return after a remission, that there has got to be an alternative way of treatment, in the back of my mind there was something there about something, but I could not pinpoint it. This was the time too when I began to slowly start to research cancer using the internet. I wanted to know the causes, the cures, the treatments available. I did not come across alternative ways of treating cancer as yet, but I did begin to see little blurbs which related the nourishment of our bodies with the disease.

A year after my mother died, our dog Shadow developed lymphoma. It seemed to happen overnight with him. It began when I noticed his bark was not right, that when he did bark it seemed to hurt him, like he had a sore throat. The same week during one of his walks I noticed he could barely keep up, his energy seemed so low and he yelped a touch when I needed to put the lead on him. I brought him home and massaged his neck and it was then I felt two little lumps.

We took him to his veterinarian who confirmed that he did have lymphoma, and that it was so aggressive he would only have 2 or 3 months to live if we did not treat it with chemotherapy. I was not ready for this, for Shadow to leave us, and agreed to the treatments but began again to research cancer, looking only for the alternative ways of treating it instead of the conventional ways, using in my search words like diet and cancer. It was then that I came across raw foods, not for us as humans to eat as yet, as it still meant raw-meat to me, but as a way to feed Shadow, a way to help him in his fight against his cancer. As I researched it further I realized that raw-food did not mean only raw meat, it meant all food groups that could be eaten without being cooked.

Shadow did not take well to the raw meat, it made him very sick to his stomache and I stopped feeding this to him only days after I began. I asked his vet about it and she recommended that I don’t feed him this as well. That it could contain parasites and bacteria that might make him more ill. She did though recommend another food that was geared to dogs with cancer but I was not convinced raw-meat is bad for animals, it just was for Shadow at the time.

Shadow went through his treatments, he had good days and bad but I noticed how the drugs he was taking were affecting him. He began to get very swollen due to the prednisone, his breathing became very labored, his eyes were not calm anymore. He hated going to the vet and I began to hate taking him there. I kept looking up the side affects of the drugs and did not like what I was reading. I was given one to adminster and was warned to wear the rubber gloves that came with it. It was a pill that he was to sallow and I thought, oh my, this is not supposed to touch my skin, yet it would go through Shadows body. When I was told the cancer went into remission, I decided I would begin trying the alternative ways I was reading about, the detoxing of his body, the building up of his immune system, adding greens and fruit to his diet, but the cancer returned fast weeks after stopping the chemotherapy and I did not get a chance to help him. It is this that I feel the most sorry about.

Sometimes I feel that I was meant to discover rawfoods, that through my mother and my dog I was led to this, if only to know what to do if ever I developed this or even as a way to prevent it from happening. I even find myself mentioning raw-food to others at times who have cancer, just so they know about it and can research it. This wanting to tell others stems from my wish that I had known about it when my mother went through this I think.

An article, below, that I came across makes so much sense to me, this alone made me wish to research what optimum nutrition really can be, how it can fight not only the disease of cancer but many other ailments as well.


In my next entry here I think I will write what I have come across about raw-food, the vitamans and minerals that are found in such. I know this might seem like old news to many that study nutrition, but to me, who only two years ago had to look up our five basic food groups, it is all so new and interesting.

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