A yoga pose

I find when I sketch now I try to capture something in them that I feel. When I see yoga poses or those practicing the art I think of elegance and beauty. I hope this sketch shows a touch of this.

I used this drawing as my guide. I love the quote beside the image.

“The merging of diverse, distinct and separate elements into a unified self”

<a href="http://www.fusionyoga.com/assets/images/Fusion_Yoga_Front_Graphic.jpg

I try to redraw this using the suggestions of it, but I think I force myself because when I try to I do not feel my heart is there. I am distracted by doodling other things, like faces with expressions :) so I think just to leave it for now and come back to it over time maybe, or maybe even try to sketch a different pose too.


an update:

The practice of yoga brings to my mind this essence, in another of Royo's sketches.



7 thoughts on “A yoga pose

  1. I haven’t been here in a long long while since I thought this page wasn’t being updated – you’ve been busy Tumel!

    What a beautiful sketch! I wish I could do that.

    Peace, love and understanding.

  2. Thank you RubyShooz, but you can do this as well, all you need is a piece of paper, a pencil, an eraser :) and a picture of something that when you look at it it fills you with joy or some other emotion. Begin with the smallest of things, like the little dragon fly in your post Peace like a River, or the triangles in the Empty boat card. Look at the shape of the lines how they curve, draw one shape first, then add on the others. If you try this, I would love to see what you come up with :).

  3. the shapeing is peculiar, especially around the butt and thighs. I am alos curious why she looks like she is in pain. Yoga should be enlightening, not strenuous. Her body is unbalanced creating an awkward overall effect from the sketch. This happens to be very similar to my favorite pose. The differance being the front leg in my variation is up keeping the straight angle between the knees, but putting the direction of the angle up and to the right. An attempt at drawing this figure will surely correct the minimal distractions in this sketch. It will likely correct the inappropriate balance, currently, between the thigh region and the shoulders and arms region in your drawing.

  4. Tabatha, I needed to take the sketch of this out again, to see it while reading what you saw. I do not practice yoga, but one of my sister in laws teaches it at a pre-natal level and at a beginners level and she shows me at times some poses. I showed her this sketch and she tells me this position is an advanced position, in its difficulty. I did try the pose, after reading what you wrote, to see how my legs were, my back, my thighs, my bum and the angles, but I did not even come remotely close to how it was meant to be, and can see now how you see pain on her face:) because of how she is positioned. I would wish it to be a look of contentmemt, not pain. I will re-sketch it, and re-post it when I do, using your suggestions. What I was truely trying to capture was the beauty or elegance I saw in the quote beside the image I used as a guide, a fusion of the body I believe with something else, so I liked that all the body was touching other parts or connected this way, so maybe in taking her leg out and forward her toes might touch the inside of a leg, or something like this.

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