Father’s day

This day my thoughts are with my father who taught me about trust.


Happy fathers day, dad. I love you. xo

After posting this picture a few e-mails were sent to me asking how it meant trust, my father knows but I thought I would explain here as well.

I think I was ten or eleven at the time, we were living in Jamaica then and my parents took us all to a beach one day. At this particular beach there was a huge slide which to me at the time seemed very tall and very much in the middle of the ocean. People would swim out to it and go down and I really wanted to try it but was very afraid I would not be able to swim back. My father encouraged me, he said he would swim out and be at the end of the slide if I needed help after coming down.

I remember the thrill, but what I remember the most was seeing my fathers face when I came up to the surface. I remember feeling very happy and very relieved.

I know there were times before this that were times of trust between my father and I and there have been many times since that trust has been shown, but I think when I saw him there, on that day, waiting, it was the first time I became conscious of such a thing.

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