The Work of Byron Katie

I came across this on the internet some time ago and was interested enough to order one of her books, “Loving What Is”. Among other things, it has helped me to realize that my worries (mostly about my children as they grow) really serve no purpose but to cause anxiety within myself, transferred I think at times to my sons. I am teaching myself not to worry so much about them as they begin to go through their lives without me constantly by their side, that my worries will not change what is to be and that they are simply my negative thoughts. When a negative worry begins to forms now, I change it into positivity, sending not my worries to them but little rays of good safety thoughts instead.





One thought on “The Work of Byron Katie

  1. Ooh, Katie Byron! I’ve read a bit of her writings and was very impressed and meant to read more but I’d forgotten her name – thanks so much for the reminder.

    Thanks too for talking here about your worries about your boys – I’ve been experiencing some myself and I appreciate the tool you’ve just shared here about how to turn those thoughts around.

    Much appreciated!

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