A sketch


I love looking at art, how it can express things that at times words cannot capture. I wonder when I look at it what the artist was feeling when they drew.

Seven months ago, after constantly visiting a friends art site www.waysoftheworld.net and loving what their sketches showed, it inspired me to try this way of expression as well.  I do so by looking at images that I like, fixing them in my mind and then trying to follow the lines that I see.

This sketch is my second attempt at attaching some sort of body to a face and the latest one I have drawn too. I drew it while sitting on the stairs on halloween night, waiting for all the little ones dressed up, and using one of Royo’s sketches as reference. I kind of like how the wings turned out and her leg as well and maybe the eyes <smiles>.

I have a long long way to go, but for now I find this so very relaxing to do. I wish to post more sketches here so I might see if I improve with time, or if it is only a whim.

To post it here I scanned it using an all-in-one printer sort of machine, it comes across as a .pdf file…. now I must figure out how to change it to a .jpg file so I might be able to rotate it or resize it and such things.



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